The Cruise Industry: Travel Inspire [AU]

Cruise Travel Trends and Key Audiences

Australians are seeking warmer climates across the world to escape to during the winter months. An increasingly popular choice for Aussies now is a cruise. With their endless facilities, convenience and whistle-stop tours of a continent, it’s understandable why this is the case.

The competition is high in this market, so it’s imperative that cruise companies and other associated travel businesses understand who their booking customers are, how to find them and all in the most cost-effective way.
Download our inspire and learn more about:
  • Seasonal trends
    The seasonal trends across different cruise routes and destinations
  • Product and retail demand
    Looking into the consumer demand around their cruise holiday requirements
  • Target audiences
    How audiences interested in different cruise destinations compare
  • Audience lifestyles
    Identifying three types of cruise holiday shopper segments and attributes
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