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Reach SUV buyers; discover the audience

Searches around SUVs and the Automotive – Manufacturers industry as a whole saw drops in volume around Christmas. Suprisingly, the last few weeks have seen promising uplifts in searches around SUVs, marketers need to be aware of the main traffic winners behind these search terms to be ahead of the SUV buying curve.

This inspire will provide insight into seasonal trends in the SUV and the Automotive Manufacturers industry, the top trending vehicles, an analysis of those searching for new cars and the best ways to reach them.
This Inspire will cover:
  • Seasonal trends - The seasonal trends across SUVs & Automotive Manufacturers Industry
  • Search demand - Looking into consumer demand around searches for SUVs
  • Product & brand demand - Looking at uplift in demand around certain brands that coincide with new releases
  • Audience lifestyles - Identifying the audience behind SUV review searches

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SUV Inspire