Mobile Search Trends: What Every Marketer Should Know

What Consumers Are Searching for in 2016

In a short time, mobile devices have surged ahead of traditional computers in both consumer demand and online traffic. Soon mobile will account for the majority of website visits overall. For many industries mobile has already crossed that threshold. This report deep-dives into three industries; Retail, Banking & Travel.

Find out what exactly consumers are searching for across mobile and desktop devices, so you can optimise your mobile experience, search marketing and content strategy for better performance.
Download this report to learn more about:

• Top topics and phrases most commonly searched for on mobile devices 

• Tips for prioritising content strategy for mobile experience

• A surprising discovery on mobile search behavior patterns

• How brands can leverage Mobile Search more efficiently
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This webinar was presented by Manager of Innovation & Insights - Alice Almeida on the 20th September 2016.
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