Hitwise: Superannuation Inspire [AU]

Key industry measurements, search terms & audience profiles

In this inspire we look at the Superannuation Industry, how online engagement with the industry has changed over time, how and when people are searching for Super and who are the consumers behind the online traffic.

Superannuation is typically something that consumers worry about later in life, however the data indicates that in recent years, visits to the industry have increased. With this in mind, this analysis has been put together to help marketers understand the audiences interested in Super, in order to target and reach them more effectively.

Download this Inspire and learn more about:

  • The growth in visits to The Superannuation Industry
  • An Australian Super audience compared to an AMP audience
  • The 'First Home Super Saver Scheme' Audience
  • The differences in 'change' and 'consolidate' Super search variations
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  • Seasonal trends during the December holiday period
  • Product demand - searches for furniture
  • Ikea vs Fantastic Furniture
  • Targetting "Idea Seekers"
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