Key learnings from Christmas and Cyber Week 2016: Webcast [UK]

Hitwise and The BRC uncover key trends from the festive season 2016, looking at in depth data from Black Friday all the way through to the New Year.  

View our webinar recording from the 12th January where we look at key insights so you can be more prepared for what 2017 may bring.
Webinar attendees will learn:

• Retail sales performance over the festive season

• Top retailers hour-by-hour from Cyber Week 2016

• Spotlight on Hot Products and search behaviours

• Omni-channel trends over the holiday season

• Top tips to optimise content and offers on mobile
Seen our Inspire?
Download a copy of our latest Hot products for Christmas report providing what the top products were for Christmas 2016.

Key takeaways include:

What retailers to watch
The top products
The top electronic products
Audience spotlight

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Christmas and Cyber Week webinar
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