EU Referendum: Inspire [UK]

Top trends, concerns and audiences before the vote

Looking back at the time prior to the vote on the 23rd June, this Hitwise AudienceView Inspire takes a look at the top search trends by analysing the search behaviour around different terms related to "EU Referendum".  It will also provide a deep insight into the main issues and concerns of the public, such as immigration and house prices.

By looking at the different demographics in search behaviour, it is possible to understand key audiences that were likely to be backing either campaign (Leave/Remain) and also to determine the effect each campaign was having on different regions throughout the UK. Finally by analysing the visitors to sub-domain pages, more insight will be provided into consumers specific interests and online transactions.

Download the report to gain more insight into the EU Referendum, more specifically around:
  • Weekly patterns on Brexit searches for Leave/Remain in reaction to the latest news 
  • Top issues and topics that the public are searching around the "EU Referendum" and "Brexit"
  •  Demographic differences in search behaviour by different audiences and regions across the UK
  • Reaching voter segments by analysing sites visits after searching around "Remain" or "Leave" 
Missed our last Inspire?
Just after the vote we released a new inspire on the post-Brexit reactions and trends. Get insight into:
  • Financial indicators
  • Moving, passports and travel
  • Retail email marketing
Download the Inspire here
EU Referendum Inspire
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