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Understand the world of mobile search

In a short time, mobile devices have surged ahead of traditional computers in consumer demand and online traffic. More mobile devices are being shipped than desktops and laptops, and soon mobile will account for the majority of website visits overall. For many sites and industries, mobile has already crossed that threshold.
Marketers who think there is still time to prepare before the mobile tipping point occurs should take note that mobile devices already account for a majority of online searches and the time for action is now. 
Download this report and gain a more detailed understanding of the world of mobile search including:

• The topics and themes of searches that are more likely to be conducted on mobile devices

• Industry-specific trends in mobile search covering: Retail, Banking, Travel and Food & Beverage

• Tips for prioritizing content to be optimized for mobile devices.
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About the Author
John Fetto is Senior Research and Marketing Analyst at Hitwise. In his role, he is responsible for converting complex data into clear and concise consumer insights that are consumable and actionable by non-analysts. Providing a complete 360-degree view of consumers is one of his areas of expertise, allowing marketers to better understand how to reach the right customer through the right channel with the right message. Prior to joining Hitwise, John served as Research Editor for American Demographics magazine where he identified and tracked demographic and consumer trends for leaders in the market research industry. John has a bachelor’s degree in population geography and political science from the University of Kansas.
Mobile Search: Topics and Themes