Reactions and trends to put on your radar

The decision made by British voters to leave the European Union rocked the financial and political world. Industries facing uncertain times need insights into the mood of the market in order to react quickly and react wisely.

This inspire begins with two blog posts highlighting immediate reactions of Britons online in the hours after the Referendum results were known. But more importantly, it contains 11 dashboards that measure key market indicators that may help marketers stay one step ahead of the competition.

This inspire will cover:
Financial Indicators - Interest in the value of the pound, gold and share prices skyrocketed in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, but have begun to ease.
Moving and passports - Brits may not be serious about moving, but they are renewing and applying for passports leaving their options open.
Travel - Summer travel plans are proceeding as planned, but Americans are more interested in visiting the UK.
Retail email marketing - Email is the most likely tool retailers will use if they sense business is struggling. Watch email referral rates for early signs of stress.
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• Top issues
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• How to reach voter segments.

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Post-Brexit Inspire