Improving Your Mobile Search Strategy Webcast [AU]

Discover key consumer mobile search trends

Create a winning mobile search strategy

Presenter: Alice Almeida

Manager of Innovation & Insights, Hitwise. Alice has 15 years Media Research experience, specialising in understanding consumers across all platforms.

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When consumers need information, they turn to the internet. And the closest connected device at hand is often their phone. No wonder why more online searches today are initiated on mobile devices than desktops.

As such, marketers need to take a mobile-first approach to search to fully understand the role that mobile plays overall and in their industry. Doing so will help marketers develop winning search strategies that not only increase clicks, but also ensure that they deliver the right, device-appropriate content after a consumer arrives at their site.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:
• The importance of understanding Mobile Search
• How Mobile & Desktop Search differs
• Detailed search patterns by device across four key verticals: automotive, retail, travel and banking.
• Understanding Search language, and why that’s important
• Differences in branded versus unbranded searches on mobile devices
• Tips for engaging your audience through mobile search

Discover how to win in a mobile-first world.

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