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Hitwise's AudienceView tool delivers actionable insights for smarter strategy, planning, media, and measurement. AudienceView reports identify:

  • Who are your best customers?
  • Where do they go online and what do they search for?
  • How can you target your audience more effectively?
  • What content interests your customers?
  • How does your audience differ with your competitors?

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It's never been easier to understand your consumer

Hitwise offers an unprecendented opportunity for marketers to understand and engage their audience.

We use powerful analytics to build detailed consumer profiles. The Hiwise AudienceView platform combines the largest daily panel of online behavior with offline lifestyle and stage data from the Simmons National Consumer Study. Our easy-to-understand reports simplify complex data and highlight meaningful insights:

  • Detailed demographic profiles
  • Psychographics, preferences
  • Offline behavior patterns
  • Search queries, site visits & purchase patterns
  • When & where to reach your audience
  • Competitive intelligence