Advanced Analytics for Competitive Marketers

Want to track your competitor's conversions? Or map your customer's path-to-purchase?
We can help.

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Powerful data. Actionable Insights.

Get the insights you need for smarter strategy, planning, and measurement. With Hitwise you can measure...

Conversion Points: benchmark your conversion rate against your competitors

Journey Mapping: Get a full map of your customer’s path to purchase, across the web

Internal Search: See what people search for within Amazon, YouTube, and more

Retail and Product Tracker: Track fast-selling products across multiple retail sites

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It's never been easier to understand your consumer

Hitwise offers an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to understand and engage their audience, using...

  • Detailed demographic profiles
  • Psychographics, preferences
  • Offline behavior patterns
  • Search queries, site visits & purchase patterns
  • When & where to reach your audience
  • Competitive intelligence